Interreg MED, 2017

Project title: Castwater

Country: Europe wide.

Client: Interreg MED .

Year: 2017.

Alliance partner involved: Tero, Greece.

Description: Castwater studies coastal areas sustainable tourism water management in the Mediterranean. Tero participates in the identification of good water management practices by SMEs, as a subcontractor of the innovation centre Las Naves in Valencia. The Castwater project (Coastal Areas Sustainable Tourism Water Management in the Mediterranean) studies how to promote and enhance sustainable tourism in Mediterranean coastal areas with special attention to reducing the impact on water resources.
Las Naves and Valencia City Council are working together in a consortium made up of other European cities and entities dedicated to water, to study socio-economic indicators and test and evaluate an online tool on water management by tourism companies. and public administrations.
The Castwater project is part of the Interreg Med program , has European funding , and among other actions, obtains sustainability indicators and evaluation criteria that can measure the impact of the tourism sector on water management. In addition, it develops, implements and validates an online tool that allows the monitoring and self-assessment of water management by both tourism companies and public institutions. The project also coincides in 2017 with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, declared by the UN.
One of the objectives of Castwater is that these public administrations can be trained locally and autonomously on sustainable water management, as well as guiding them to work on Sustainable Tourism Action Plans that integrate policies and measures in this regard. .
The project also has a city challenge aspect and is located in the study of the specific case of Valencia. Tourism in our city is one of the economic engines and it is gradually increasing, therefore, it is necessary to take into account the increasing demand for water resources. Taking advantage of this factor, it is necessary to have a greater supply of drinking water, volume of treatment and discharge of wastewater, quality of bathing water, etc.
In this framework, Las Naves Valencia designs instruments for collecting and evaluating good practices in the tourism sector, and indicators, as well as evaluates the online tool with socio-economic agents in the local tourism sector, and organizes training workshops for public entities.

The consortium that is part of this project is also made up of other European cities in the Italian regions of Veneto and Emilia Romagna, Greece (Rethymnon) and France (Herault), the University of Patras (Greece), institutions dedicated to the management of the such as the Water Board of Lemesos (Cyprus), the Euro-Mediterranean Water Institute Foundation, the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism (Croatia), the Regional Development Foundation and the Malta Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit.

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