Enhancing and requalifying public administration’s demand for innovation

Sardegna Ricerche, Italy, 2018

Project title: Enhancing and requalifying public administration’s demand for innovation.

Country: Italy.

Client: Sardegna Ricerche, Italy.

Year: 2018.

Alliance partner involved: Vision & Value, Italy.

Description: Main activities within the project:
– Mapping of innovation needs by type of public administration by area of ​​specialization;
– Linking the objectives of the Bodies to the niches (sub areas of specialization) that the Region chooses. Fifteen needs have been identified innovation – as a result of the work of validating the list of trends and drivers.
– Developing scenarios, making an impact assessment, intended as contiguity with strategic choices of the Region, as well as the added value that innovation can provide, but also feasibility
administrative technician of a pre-commercial public contract related to that idea;
– Eleven assumptions the demand scenarios were developed and they have been identified with the public administration.



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