Feasibility study for Vilnius city public transport renewal

Susisiekimo paslaugos, Vilnius transport agency, Lithuania, 2020

Project title: Feasibility study for Vilnius city public transport renewal.
Country: Lithuania.
Client: Susisiekimo paslaugos, Vilnius transporto agency.
Year:  2020
Alliance partner involved: Smart Continent, Lithuania.
Description: Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of the few cities in the country with buses and trolleybuses in the public transport system. The aim of the study prepared by Smart Continent is to evaluate the efficiency of the existing public transport system and to compare the economic use indicators of buses and trolleybuses. The study has to answer the question about the development of electric buses and buses powered by gas or other alternative fuels in Vilnius, as well as it has to answer about the perspective of the use of trolleybuses. By tackling climate change and meeting its commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, Vilnius is seriously contributing to the achievement of national targets. Autonomous mileage trolleybuses are a technological solution of how to combite the advantages of a trolleybus with a fixed electrical network with the advantages provided by a wireless electric bus together with eliminating the disadvantages. The study draw guidelines for Vilnius until 2030, by detailing the renewal plan of transport, stages and vision until 2050.

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