Feasibility study of an European ranking of opera academies and ballet schools

Accademia Teatro la Scala, Italy, 2012

Project title: Feasibility study of an European ranking of opera academies and ballet schools.

Country: Italy.

Client: Accademia Teatro la Scala.

Year: 2012.

Alliance partner involved: Vision & Value, Italy.

Description: The project goal has been to fill a gap: there is no European ranking of Ballet schools and Opera academies. For this reason, such an instrument provides a tool which is essential to generate and sustain fairer competition as well as guide strategic choices of academic theatres. The project aims to verify the possibility and the feasibility to compile a European ranking of Ballet schools and Opera Academics. According to this expectation three main objectives and activities have been identified: 1. Building a shared methodology. The methodology constitutes a fundamental element of the league-table: it provides ranking with legitimacy, defines the basis for the comparison, and identifies the institutions that will be part of the exercise. 2. Creating a network of supporting institutions. This is an important aspect for the development of a European ranking of Ballet Schools and Opera academies. Consequently, one of the main objectives of this project consists of verifying the support that the idea of the ranking can obtain and getting early feedbacks on the methodology. 3. Gathering preliminary data. Although the methodology represents the central element of the ranking, the availability and accessibility of data related to the indicators identified is extremely important to confirm the feasibility of the measurements and, therefore, the achievability of the whole project. A preliminary assessment exercise is run with the only purpose to verify the possibility to construct selected indicators.



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