INNOTRANS – Enhancing transport innovation capacity of regions

Interreg Europe, 2017-2021

Project title: INNOTRANS

Country: Europe wide.

Client: Interreg Europe.

Year: 2017-2021.

Alliance partner involved: Tero, Greece.

Description: INNOTRANS will map regional transport innovation capacity and identify the competitive advantage of 5 European regions. It will further develop guidelines for policy interventions and appropriate regional Action Plans. Tero is working on all aspects of the project as a subcontractor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. European transport companies are leading innovators. In 2014 they invested 42bn Euros. An innovative transport sector can become the pillar to sustain the economic competitiveness of European countries as innovation and competitiveness are inextricably linked. Transport innovation can contribute to tackle major social challenges, which are becoming more urgent by the day.
INNOTRANS will map regional transport innovation capacity and identify the competitive advantage of the regions. It will develop guidelines for policy interventions and Action Plans. It will also explore the regional innovation potential and make recommendations on how to support weak regions. The project will ultimately contribute to the building of a regional culture of continuous innovation that minimizes innovation risks and maximizes its returns.
The outputs of the INNOTRANS project aim to help regions interested in focusing on transport innovation, in terms of providing a solid knowledge base for taking more informed decisions.
It concentrates on: sub-sectorial focus and necessary investments in infrastructure and capacities to create the requirements for enhancing transport innovation. INNOTRANS will aim to improve or change current measures in support of transport innovation public funding schemes as key element of transport innovation infrastructure, taking into consideration the current picture of the innovative milieu in the regions. The Actions Plans, which will derive from the project, will suggest schemes for the support of transport innovation in the regional Growth an Jobs programmes.
The ultimate goal of the project is to assist regions in creating a funding strategy that builds upon existing and potential areas of competitive advantage, avoiding fragmentation and linking the assets in new and different ways.

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