The METPEX Project

European Commission, Horizon 2020, 2012-2015

Project title: METPEX – A MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of the Passenger EXperience

Country: Europe wide.

Client: European Commission, Horizon 2020.

Year: 2012-2015.

Alliance partner involved: Signosis, Belgium; Smart Continent, Lithuania.

Description: The METPEX project is a research project funded in the context of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, aiming to develop and evaluate a standardised tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys. METPEX stands for MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger EXperience and its results will be used to inform policy makers in providing inclusive, passenger-oriented integrated transport systems that are accessible by all citizens. The development of an inclusive, validated passenger experience measurement instrument is the first step in creating high quality, user-centred, integrated, accessible public transport services, which are capable of attracting and retaining public transport users whilst meeting sustainability targets. Specific objectives of METPEX include:
-the development of an integrated approach to the measurement of the whole journey passenger experience that takes into account human (physiological, perceptual, cognitive, sensory and affective) socio-economic, cultural, geographic and environmental factors,
-the assessment of the costs of ‘inaccessible transport’ for different sectors of society,
-the assessment of the extent to which the measurement of the passenger experience can be used to drive innovation and attention to transport quality from the customer’s perspective in the transport industry,
-the evaluation of the passengers experience from different regions of Europe and support the integration of regional transport networks into an European transport network and
-the facilitation of the harmonization of travel behaviour research and analysis across EU countries.

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