Interim evaluation of the 2017-2020 strategy for consumption of fruit, vegetables and milk products in educational establishments

Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania, 2020

Title: Interim evaluation services for the implementation of the strategy for the 2017-2020 school year of programs to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables and milk and milk products in educational establishments.

Country: Lithuania.

Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania.

Year: 2020.

Alliance partner involved: Smart Continent LT UAB.

Description: The aim of the project is to assess the change in children’s consumption habits due to the milk, fruit and vegetable support program implemented in Lithuania. The program funds the consumption of these foods in schools and kindergartens and children are expected to enjoy healthy food more at home as well. The evaluation of the program is important in determining the impact and results of the program and in making recommendations for further support for the use of these products at the state level. Evaluation is carried out by Smart Continent.

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